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Tanning Certification

Indoor Tanning Expert

Hi! My name is Kara Morvant. I am an approved trainer for the State of Louisiana as Smart Tan certified trainer. 

If your salon employees need to be certified under Smart Tan Certification Class, 

please feel free to contact me by email or phone to set up your certification class.  



Phone: 318-880-8934


Schedule will be listed shortly!


Schedule will be listed shortly!

Class Dates 2023

March 4th or 5th - Natchitoches, LA

March 18th or 19th - Natchitoches, LA

March 29 or 30th - Natchitoches, LA

April 15th or 16th - Natchitoches, LA

April 29th  Natchitoches, LA

May 13th Lake Charles, LA 

May 27th or 28th Natchitoches, LA

June 24th or 25th Natchitoches, LA

July 22nd Lake Charles, LA

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